Enable or Disable Network Connection with Desktop or Keyboard Shortcut

Now you can Enable or Disable any Network Connection with the help of Network Controller using Desktop Shortcut or Configurable Keyboard Shortcut. When using Multiple Network Adapters or Connections, many times Enabling or Disabling of Network Adapters is required. Admin Access is required to Enable or Disable Network Connection as the changes done to Network Adapters are Applicable […]

Send Keystrokes to Background (Active or Inactive) Window

Sending Keystrokes to any Window in Background is now possible with Auto Mouse Click Software. The method describes here works whether the target Window is a Game or Application or any other Window on Windows. The Keystrokes are sent directly to the Window, irrespective of whether your desired Window is Active, Inactive or even Minimized. Yes there are few steps to […]

Easy Automation Software for Windows

Simple and Really Easy to Use Automation Software is presented here in this post. Apart from being cheap, the Automation Software offered here does not requires you to learn any programming language or anything complex. All the complex tasks are done by this Windows Automation Software and easy control is provided to you with easy to use Graphical […]

Key Presser for Games

An easy to use Key Presser for Games is described in this post. Whether you need a Key Presser for online or offline game, the Key Presser presented here is equipped with all the features to help you excel or win in your game. Yes you can even use this Key Presser in Full Screen Games which gets […]

Repeat Mouse Click easily with Windows Automation Software

Let your Computer do the repeated Mouse Clicking with Windows Automation Software presented here. To Repeat Mouse Click, there are multiple software applications presented here which are basically Windows Automation Applications. Whether you wish to repeat Mouse Click at a Fixed Screen Location or a sequence of Mouse Clicks with time delay or anything else, the Automation Applications presented […]

Record and Playback Mouse Clicks and Keystrokes

Recording Mouse Clicks and Keystrokes is now easy with Macro Recorder to Automate Repetitive Actions. This post presents two different and unique ways to create your Macro Script which can Automate almost anything. Whether you need to repeat an action in a Game or need to automate a complex and repetitive task, the information provided here can be really […]

Cheap Automation Software for Windows

Free and try and still Cheap to buy Windows Automation Software is presented in this post. The Automation supported by the software is mostly by Automating Mouse and Keyboard Actions. Yes there is no complex stuff involved like writing code, understanding API, programming complex logic, etc. The best part of using this Cheap Automation Software is that everybody […]

Easy to Use Auto Clicker

The Auto Clicker presented here is really easy to understand and use on your Windows Computer. Apart from Basic feature of Clicking Mouse repetitively, it can also assist you in doing automated advanced clicking. Yes clicking at a single location or clicking at random location around mouse cursor is easy to setup. The best part is you do not need […]

Gaming Mouse Software

Every Gaming Mouse comes with Software to be used exclusively with that particular Gaming Mouse. In old days manufacturer of Gaming Mouse provided CD containing the Gaming Mouse Software with the Gaming Mouse Bundle. Now a days with the advent of Internet, buyers of Gaming Mouse are supposed to download appropriate Software from Manufacturer website. Yes buying a […]

Auto Clicker not working in Game ?

In case the Auto Clicker is not working in your Game, you can Switch Mouse Clicking Mode to MMORPG Mode. In this Gaming Mode, the Automated Mouse Clicks received by the Video Game are as if they are coming directly from your Physical Mouse Clicks. Few Games which are installed on your Windows Computer use Game Guard […]