Save Desktop Icon Layout on Windows 8 or Windows 7

Save or Restore Desktop Icons Layout on Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows Computer with Desktop Icons Layout Manager. The Complete Layout of Desktop Icons is stored in a data file which can be later used to restore Desktop Icons Layout with a single click.The Software should work on Windows Vista as well, however it […]

Milli Seconds to Seconds, Minutes, Hours and Vice Versa

This post presents a Free Time Converter Application for Windows which allows you to convert from Milli Seconds to corresponding Seconds, Minutes and Hours. Yes you can even convert from Seconds, Minutes and Hours to Milli Seconds. 1000 Milli Seconds is counted as 1 Second, 60 Seconds are counted as 1 Minute and 60 Minutes […]

Free Watermark Software for Linux

The Watermark Software presented here is for Linux Distributions like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Kubuntu, etc. This watermark Application allows you to add Text and Image Watermark to single or Image Files in Bulk. Various Image File Formats are supported by this watermark Software for Linux including PNG, JPG, BMP, ICO, TIFF and other Image File […]

Copy Files to SD Card on Android

Now you can Copy Single or Multiple Files to SD Card or External Storage Device on your Android Mobile or Tablet Device. This post describes the procedure to Select and Copy Files to SD Card using the Share Button available in Media gallery, File Manager and other Apps. With the MurGoo Copy to SD Card […]

Custom Windows 8 App Development Service

Now you can avail Software Development Service to Develop and Depoly Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Apps on Microsoft Windows App Store. Being a Easy to Use Operating System, Microsoft governs the Operating Systems market and now Windows 8 Apps run even on Windows 8 Phones / Tablets and also on Windows 8 and Windows […]

Image Optimization Software for Windows

Image Files contain lots of extra bytes which can be removed without affecting image quality and that is done using an Image Optimization Software. This post presents an Image Optimization Software for Windows users which removed extra bytes of data from Images. Simple and easy to use Image Optimizer Software allows you to add Images […]

Screenshot Software

Irrespective of the Operating System you use, Screenshot is the best way to communicate almost anything from one operating system to other. This post talks a little bit about capturing screenshots and then talks about an screenshot software application which can be really handy as and when you want to capture screenshots. Screenshots are nothing […]

Keyboard Macro Software for Mac available for Download

Record and Playback your Keyboard Actions (like Key Press, Key Down, Key Up and even Long Key Press) with Keyboard Recorder Software for Mac. This Keyboard Macro Software is fully fully functional and is now available for download on Mac OS X 10.6 and later versions. You do not need admin access to install this […]

Image Optimizer Software for Windows on Free to Download and try basis

This post presents an Image Optimizer Software Application for Windows. You can Download the Image Optimizer Software for Free without any sort of Registration and try out it’s various features. The Free Trial version of the Software is only limited by the number of times you can use the software. This Free to try Image […]

Send SMS from Windows PC without Internet

Now sending SMS from a Windows Computer to Mobile Phones is easy and fast with Daanav SMS Software. In order to send SMS Message with SMS Software presented here, you do not need access to Internet. This SMS Software works on Windows 7 and onwards Operating Systems of Microsoft including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows […]