Best Auto Clicker for Games

Best Auto Clicker Software Applications designed for Games (Online and Game Clients) is presented in this post. Whether you wish to play Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Runescape, Clicker Heroes or any other Video Game, now you can excel in your Game with Auto Clickers presented here. With the Clickers presented here you can click repetitively at a single location […]

Keep Computer Active and Prevent from Sleeping

Now you can Keep your Windows, Linux or Mac OS X Computer Active for as long as you want with appropriate Software Download Available here.  Dedicated Applications are provided here for each Operating System as mentioned earlier and all have been designed to keep your Computer Active. You do not need admin access to run any of […]

PDF From URL of Webpage

Save a Webpage as a PDF File with a Free Native Applications available for Windows 8.1 Phone, Android Phones / Tablets and even for Windows 8.1. The Free Applications allow you to basically share a url with inbuilt browser and then convert it to a PDF File. The URL to PDF Conversion is done on a remote server and once […]

Mouse Clicking with Mac’s Automator

Doing Mouse Click and other types of Mouse Clicking is now easy with Automator Action presented here. Apart from Mouse Clicking you can add Double Click, Mouse Scrolling, Mouse Dragging and Text to Voice Conversion with Automator Script. Recording of Actions in Automator works most of the time, however when it does not works you can use the Automator Mouse […]

Convert Video to Picture Files on Mac

Use Video to Image Converter for Mac OS X 10.7 or later to convert a Video File to Picture Files in GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG or JPEG File Formats. The Picture Files created by the Conversion process can be resized during the Video to Image Conversion process. This Video to Image Converter is a Free to […]

Mac Task Scheduler App to Run Applications at Later Date Time

This post presents a Task Scheduler App for Mac OS X 10.6 to let you schedule tasks to be executed at a later date / time. Whether you wish to run Applications or Open Application Files at a Later Date / Time. With this Scheduler App for Mac, you can schedule a program to run one time in […]

Collect EMail Address from Hard Disk

Now you can Collect all EMail Addresses stored in any of your Folder in the Hard Disk with EMail Collector. Yes this Free EMail Address Collector gives you an easy and quick way to find what all email addresses are stored in HTML, Outlook an other EMail Clients. Using this Freeware EMail Address Collector is really easy and all the […]

Mac Automator Action to do Mouse Clicking

Apple’s Mac provides built in Automator Application to create Scripts and Automate Workflows. The Automator Action presented here allows you to add Mouse Clicking, Mouse Scrolling, Keyboard Typing and other related functions to an Automator Workflow. The Mouse Clicking done by this Automator Action is done on the basis of Screen Co-Ordinates and hence with proper planning, you can […]

Freeware Windows Applications for Download

This website provides lots of Freeware Software Utilities which you can download on your Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and even on Microsoft’s outdated Windows XP. Yes the Freeware Applications do not come with any restrictions and are totally free to download and use. There is no Registration Required and many Applications work […]

Best Bulk SMS Software

Send SMS in Bulk with the Best SMS Software Application presented here. Send SMS with good speed utilizing your USB Modem with support for Sending SMS. Yes there is no Software Registration required, neither you need to create an Account on any Website to send SMS Messages in Bulk with the Software presented here. The Best part […]