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We do respect your privacy and do work to provide you best service for your money.

In case you do have any concern(s) or question(s) about anything mentioned below, please do write back to and we will revert back to you as soon as possible.

Your Consent

By using our website and software applications offered on it, you hereby consent to our Privacy Policy (and Additional Policies as mentioned below) and agree to its terms.

Data we Collect and Store

We do Collect and Store Usage Count of our Software Applications on your Computer for Free to try Applications.

We do Collect and Store given below information on our Cloud Server when you Pay to Unlock Software Trial. This Information is provided to us by appropriate Payment Gateway so that we can provide you appropriate service.

  1. Email Address (Converted to Unidentifiable format) entered by you during Payment
  2. Software Name for which you have paid.
  3. Date and Time of the Payment.
  4. Number of Activations for which you have paid.

We do Collect and Update given below information on our Cloud Server when you Unlock the Software Trial.

  1. Computer Hardware Information
  2. Number of Activations you have used.

Access to Order Data (Billing and Delievery Information)

When you place an Order for a software with Payment Gateway, we do get Access to your given below Personal Information

  1. Your Name, Address, Company Name, Phone, Fax, etc provided during Payment
  2. Your EMail Address provided during Payment

The Payment Gateway Does not Provides us any Information with which we can deduct money from your Payment Method.

We do not store your Name or Address on our Cloud Server to do Automated Processing, however we do access this information to provide you appropriate customer support as and when required.

We also get Occasional EMail from Payment Gateway containing Order Information (Your Name, Address, EMail Address, Software Name, Quantity, Amount, etc) to provide Appropriate Services in delayed delievery scenario, etc.

As mentioned above, we do store your Email Address, Software Name, Number of Activations, Date and Time of the Order on our Cloud Server to Provide you Access to Unlock the Software Trial.

We do not share your personal information with anyone oustide of our affiliates.

We may retain the information that you provide for extended periods of time for the purpose of providing you appropriate service.

Note that as Time Progresses, things can change and there can be updates posted to this Privacy Policy. In general our efforts are to reduce the private information stored as mentioned above, however if we make significant changes to this privacy policy, we will and if possible we will get your consent first.

Requests made by software application to Activation Server

When you Pay Activation Fees or Unlock Software Trial, a Request is sent to the Activation Server by Internet for Validation. Each such request tells Activation Server, the current IP Address of your Computer and other Technical Information about the request, which is typically transferred when you Browse a website with a Browser.

To analyze Online threats to Activation Server, we do enable Logging (or storing) of Requests. List of Requests (or so called Logs) are stored on Secure Cloud Server. The Logs are Not Stored in our Central Database and are instead stored in a different Database. The Logs are automatically deleted after 30 Days.

We do disable Storage of Logs when not required.

Additional Policies

The Personal / Non - Personal Data you share with other Websites Linked to our Website(s) is govered / controlled by respective Website(s) and we have no control over that. When Visiting other Linked Websites like Payment Gateway Website, Social Media Website or any other Website, Please do ensure that you do Read and Agree to the Privacy Policy of the respective Website before visting other website(s) and / or sharing your Personal / Non - Personal Data.

Refund Policy

All our software downloads are provided on a try before buy basis. You are expected to download and try our software applications before making the payment. Please do pay only when you are fully satisfied with the software application and you are interested in using the software application after you do have utilised the trial usages.

In case you do face any issue for unlocking trial of the software utility for which you have paid & we cannot help you to trial limitations of the software, you can request a refund of the money paid. Yes we want all our customers to be fully satisfied with our services & we thrive to provide you a response within at max 24 hours of your query / concern.

Free Customer Support for 3 Months from the Date of Payment

In lieu for Payment of our Software Services, We do provide Free Customer Support for 3 Months from the Date of Payment. Lifetime Customer Support for any of our products is not available currently.

Please do visit our home page by following the Link and download free and shareware (try before buy) software downloads.

Last Updated : 6th Feb 2022

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