Bulk SMS in India

SMS is the 2nd cheapest way of fast communication with Bulk EMail dominating the commercial usage. Now a days everybody has Mobile Phones and SMS is being used as a Marketing tool, although it is used by Banks and other Financial institutions for verification and informational purposes as well. Sending of SMS is regulated by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India […]

Click Fast or let your Mouse Auto Click ?

When you got to Click really Fast or at various locations, you need to decide whether you want to manually click or take the help of a software which can Auto Click for you. This post presents 2 Software Applications which can help you click. The manual clicking method is equally good however trying to click faster and […]

Mouse Clicking Script

Create a Macro Script to Automate Mouse Clicking easily and quickly. With Auto Mouse Click Software you can script any repetitive Mouse Clicking Task. Whether you wish to automate Left Mouse Click, Right Mouse Click, Middle Mouse Click, Double Left Button Click, 4th Mouse Button Click or even 5th Mouse Button Click, now you can simply run a Macro Script […]

Video to Image Sequence Converter for Mac OS X

Now creating an Image with Image Sequence of a Video is easy and fun to do on Mac OSX. The Video to Image Converter for Mac OSX 10.6 and later allows you to extract Images from a Video File. Once you have extracted Images from the Video, you can quickly create an Image Sequence or […]

Auto Click at Multiple Locations on Screen

Now Clicking Automatically at Multiple Screen Locations is easy and fun with Auto Mouse Click Utility. You can Auto Click, Scroll, Move Mouse and even type as and when required easily by creating a Macro Script. Yes you can even Auto Click at fixed Screen Location numerous times or simply Auto Click at multiple Screen Locations. The given […]

Turn Off Monitor Utility

Turn your Monitor off whenever required with Turn Off Monitor Utility for Windows. Use a Desktop Shortcut, Keyboard Shortcut or other options to quickly Turn Off your Computer’s Screen. Whether you are using a Laptop or a Desktop Computer, the Software Application provided here is really handy tool to save Power and give you full control over your Computer. Download […]

Automate Repetitive Tasks on Windows

Repetitive Tasks can be Automated on Windows with the help of Windows Automation Tools, by coding in a Programming Language or with the help of Microsoft provided tools and scripts. This post presents Windows Automation Application which can Automate GUI with the help of Mouse Actions, Keystrokes and other actions which are done manually. The best part of using […]

Automate Data Entry with Typing and Mouse Clicking Software

Automation of Data Entry into Web forms, Desktop Applications and other Applications can now be done with Automated Typing and Mouse Clicking. Now Data Entry Automation Software is within reach of everybody’s pocket and the Windows Automation Software which can be used for Automated Data Entry is now available for Download. The Automation Tool presented here is now […]

Image Search on Screen and Auto Click

Search an Image on Screen and Automate Mouse Click or run a Macro with Image Search Utility presented here. The Software Application presented here allow you to monitor a rectangular area on Screen and when a pre-defined image appears on screen, a Macro Script containing Mouse Clicks, Key Press and other Windows Automation action can be started automatically. […]

Keep Linux Active and prevent it from Sleeping

Now you can keep your Linux Computer Active even when you are not using it. The Software Application provided here triggers Automatic Mouse Movements due to which a Linux Computer with GUI keep on getting automated input and hence stays active. The given below screenshot of the Linux Application to automate Mouse Movements has been captured on […]