Free Idle Timer Utility for Windows

The Free Windows Software Utility presented here lets you track Idle or Inactive Time on your Windows Computer. This Free Application named as Idle Timer displays a small popup Window which displays the time duration for which your Windows Computer has not received any kind of Mouse or Keyboard Input. Have a look at the given below screenshot to see the Idle Timer Utility in action. The given below screenshot has been captured after leaving the computer inactive or idle for over a minute. This Idle Timer can be used on almost all Windows Operating Systems starting from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 including Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Idle Timer Software for Windows

Idle Timer Software for Windows

The Idle Timer Software displays a small Window which stays at the top of all other Windows. Just like any other Window, you can drag this Idle Timer to any screen location and it will stay there as long as it is running. You can Minimize or Close the Idle Timer from the icons present on the Title Bar of the Application. In case any other System Modal Application Window is launched after the launch of the Idle Timer, the other System Modal Application may be given preference by Windows Operating System to stay at the top.

Download the Idle Timer on your Windows Computer and monitor inactive Computers. This Idle Timer does not keeps log of inactive time and only displays the inactive or idle time. In case your screen saver is not running, then this Idle Timer Utility can be of help to determine the application keeping your Windows Computer Active. In case you would like to have some extra features in the software or get some other custom Windows Application built as per your requirements, you can avail our Custom Software Development Service and get a Custom Windows Application Built as per your requirements.

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