Free Time Manager Utility for Windows

Microsoft provides free Time Synchronization for Windows Computers. This Time Manager Utility allows you to manage the Windows Time Service easily and quickly. With this free Time Manager Utility you can Start or Stop the Windows Time Service easily with buttons provided on the software’s main screen. This Utility can be really useful for you when you do change your system time a lot and you want your Windows Computer to synchronize date and time using Windows Time Server. By default Windows Time Service is Enabled and it does synchronizes time of your computer as and when required. Now with this free utility you can manage Windows Time Service easily and quickly.

Free Windows Time Manager Utility by Daanav Softwares

Free Windows Time Manager Utility by Daanav Softwares

Download this Free Time Manager Utility on your Windows Computer provided by and control your Computer’s Time Synchronization easily as and when you want. Windows Service is normally a process that does not interact directly with Graphical User Interface and performs it’s task in the background. Ever wondered why your Computer’s Hard Disk LED is constantly blinking ?. These¬†Background¬†processes named as Windows Services keep on doing background task like Indexing for Fast Search, Date and Time Synchronization, Background Intelligent Transfer Service, Antivirus Software Scanning your Hard Disk etc.

This Free Time Synchronization utility presents a graphical user interface to control Windows Time Synchronization Service. Now you do not need to struggle with complex command line commands. Yes this Free Time Manager Utility does requires you to have Admin Rights in order to Start / Stop Time Synchronization Service and Synchronize Date and Time from Microsoft Windows Time Server and your Desktop or Laptop Computer. This Utility has been tested on Windows 7 and Windows 8 versions of Microsoft Windows.

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