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Connect with us by writing an email st Whether you want to suggest a new feature in any of our software utility or whether you are looking for custom software development to get your idea implemented in Windows, Macintosh, Linux or Android Operating System, we can provide you best software solution at affordable price. Download any of our software utility and see for yourself that our software applications are well tested and work fine on the specified operating system.

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Custom Built Application Utilities enhance the usage of your Operating System and indeed provide you quick and easy way to accomplish a task. Computers would not have been so much useful without custom built applications. Yes there are differences in how each operating system handles application. As almost every new computer gets more than 4GB or RAM, usage of 64 bit Operating System is required to fully use the 4 GB memory.

Windows run 32 bit applications on 32 bit version of the Operating System as well as on 64 bit Operating System. When you install a 32 bit application onto a 64 bit computer, you would notice that the application gets installed in C:Program Files (x86) instead of C:Program Files. We develop 64 bit applications as well as and when needed and normally you would find 32 bit version of the application as it saves us from managing two different versions of the same application.

Macintosh Applications are now a days developed for 64 bit Intel Architecture Macintosh Operating Systems. We do provide free Macintosh Applications on this website. Depending on the functionality provided by a specific Macintosh Application, the lowest version of Macintosh Application is specified. A Macintosh Application designed for Mac 10.4 will work fine on later versions of Macintosh including 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, etc.

Linux Applications developed and distributed here are published for specific bit architecture. Separate download links are provided for 32 bit and 64 bit Linux Architecture. You can use the command uname -m from your Linux terminal to check whether you are running 32 bit or 64 bit version of Linux. In case the uname command displays i386 or i686, you must download the 32 bit version of Linux Application and in case the uname -m command in terminal displays output including x86_64, then you must download 64 bit version of the Linux Application.

Android is also a Linux Operating System running on 32 bit architecture. For now, you do not need to worry about 32 bit or 64 bit architecture version selection when downloading Android Application. All you need to check is the Android version running on your tablet or mobile phone and which version of Android an App runs on. We do specify the Minimum Android Version when publishing an Android App.

With our vast experience in developing custom applications, we can provide you the best possible solution for your custom application development needs. In case you do have a specific task in hand and you want it to be automated, we can even suggest you the best possible way to automate your tasks without developing a custom software application for that purpose. As Custom Application Design, Development, Testing, Deployment, etc requires time and efforts to be put in, we do charge a nominal fee for providing custom software development services. You can write an email to us and get a free quote to get your task in hand completed by our professional software developers.