Free Dead Pixel Checker Utility for Windows

Check for Dead Pixel(s) on your LCD / LED Monitor connected to a Windows Computer. This Free Utility displays Red, Green and Blue Colored Window on all the Monitors connected to your Windows Computer in Extended mode. In case you do have only a single monitor connected to your windows computer, then this Dead Pixel Checker Utility will display a Red Colored Window covering your whole screen and all the applications. In order to change the color of the colored window, you need to do a left mouse button click on the colored window. You can alternatively do a right mouse button click on the Dead Pixel Checker Utility’s Window to display other options available for this free windows utility.

Free Dead Pixel Checker Utility for Windows by Daanav Softwares

Right Click on the Dead Pixel Checker Window to Display Available Commands offered by this Free Windows Utility by Daanav Softwares

Download Free Dead Pixel Checker Windows Utility and run it on your Windows 8, Windows 7, XP or Windows 2000 Computer. Depending on Number of Dead Pixels Found on your LCD or LED Monitor, you might be able to exchange exchange your current LCD or LED Monitor and get a new Monitor. Companies manufacturing Monitors often specify minimum dead pixel count before considering your request to replace them.

On internet you can find other related utilities like Dead Pixel Fixer which try to fix dead pixels by displaying red, green and blue colors at short duration intervals. Technically speaking there can be multiple types of problems causing a dead pixel to appear on your monitor and a Dead Pixel Fixer may or may not be able to fix your monitor’s dead pixels. Checking a new Monitor for Dead Pixels can give you a complete satisfaction and best visibility.

Whether you have got a new monitor or you want to check whether your monitor has dead pixels or not, download this free dead pixel checker, run it and visually scan ever pixel on your Monitor’s Screen. While checking for dead pixels, do check for dead pixels using all the 3 color combinations to confirm and re-confirm count of dead pixels.