Free Window Controller Utility for Microsoft Windows

Graphical User Interface of Microsoft Windows is composed of so many windows and other elements. Few Windows which you see in Microsoft Windows Applications are Buttons, Text Boxes, Check Boxes, Hot Key Control, etc. Now with Free Window Controller Utility you can easily modify various properties of any selected Window. Whether you want to enable a disabled button or add or remove Title Bar of a Window, you do not have to be a software developer in order to make changes to various window controls. The Changes done by Daanav Window Controller are temporary or in other words, the changes will be in effect only for the duration for which a particular window is in memory. The Changes done to properties of any selected window will be gone away, once you close any window whose properties you have modified.

Screenshot of Free Window Controller Utility by daanav

Modify Properties of Window with Free Daanav Window Controller

Download Free Window Controller Utility and modify properties of any selected window. This Free Utility works on almost every Windows Operating System including Windows 8, Windows 7, etc. You do not need to worry about 32 bit or 64 bit version of Microsoft Windows you might be using. This Free Window Controller Utility works just fine on almost every Windows Operating System.

General Properties of Selected Window in Free Daanav Window Controller

General Properties of Selected Window in Free Daanav Window Controller

In order to modify properties of any window or even application window, you need to follow two step procedure using Daanav Window Controller. The First Step is to locate the Window using the Finder Tool. Just drag the Finder Icon onto the desired Window to be controlled. The Second step to modify properties of the Window is to click on the Modify Selected Button on the main screen of the Daanav Window Controller.