Transparent Lock Screen Software

A Simple and Easy to use Transparent Screen Lock Software is presented in this post. Unlike traditional Windows Lock Screen this Transparent Screen prevents only Mouse Clicks to the Active Window. There are no Passwords involved in this Transparent Lock Screen Software and instead all you need to close the transparent screen is press the Esc Key on keyboard. When the Application is launched, it does displays an informational message as displayed below.

Transparent Lock Screen for Windows

Transparent Lock Screen for Windows

Whether you are looking for a Transparent Screen Lock Software for preventing kids from messing around your computer or you do not wish to accidentally click anywhere on the screen, this Transparent Computer Lock Software can be best for you. Yes this is not a security software and you can simply close the dismiss the transparent screen by pressing the Esc button. Windows Keys like Alt + Tab, Windows + D for showing Desktop, etc will work as they are supposed to work even with the Transparent Screen running, but Mouse Clicks will not work as all the Mouse Clicks will be received by the Daanav Screen which will not pass it to anything visible on single or multiple monitor Windows Computer.

Download this Daanav Screen and try it on your Windows Computer. This Software works well with Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and even with Windows XP. Just remember that this is not a professional grade security application to prevent unauthorized access to your Windows Computer. This Transparent Lock Screen simply tries to prevent Mouse and Keyboard Input to the Application running actively. Also note that pressing the F1 on Keyboard while the Daanav Screen Software is running will display this Website.

In case you would like to have a more secured locking mechanism and you do have admin rights to your Windows computer, use the Lock Keyboard and Mouse Software which works in a little bit different way and natively blocks input to your Windows Computer. Finally if you would like your Computer to be Locked even more securely, use the Shortcut created by the Lock Computer Software and lock your Windows Computer by using the default Windows Lock way. In case non of the Security Solutions fulfill your requirements, contact us for Custom Software Development Service and we will implement the best Software Solution for you as per your requirements.