Find File Path with Free Windows Utility

Find Full Path of any file on your Windows Computer with this free Path Finder Software Utility. This Free Utility has a small screen on which you can drop single or multiple files from Windows Explorer. Once you Drop single or Multiple files onto this Path Finder, the software displays full file path of all the files. yes you can find full file path using this free utility of any file type. Yes you can even drag and drop folders, however this free version of the Path Finder does not finds out what files are there in the folder. It just displays the full path of file(s) and folder(s) dropped onto the main screen of the software.

Find Full File Path using Free File Path Finder Utility for Windows

Find Full File Path using Free File Path Finder Utility for Windows

Download this free File Path Finder Utility on your Windows Computer. Yes this File Path Finder utility works on Windows 8, Windows 7 and other Microsoft Windows Versions. The Screenshot above was captured on a Windows 8 Computer running on 64 bit architecture.

Once you have found the file & folder path(s), you can copy the file path(s) to clipboard. The Window Displayed in the lower part of the software is actually a small read only text window in which you can right click and use all the options available in the right click menu including copy to clipboard, select all, change right to left reading order, etc. In case you would like to have a similar utility made as per your needs, you can contact us and get your custom software application developed at a fair price.

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