Free Linux Software to Check for Dead Pixels

Checking for Dead Pixels on almost any latest Linux Distribution is easy, quick and free. This Free Dead Pixel Checker is released for free for 64 bit Linux versions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint 13, etc. As Computers are getting more and more memory, a 64 bit version of the Linux Dead Pixel Checker is released by Daanav Softwares. Screen Colors are created using combination of Red, Green and Blue Colors. This Dead Pixel Checker displays a Full Screen Window with Red, Green and Blue Colors. The Color of the Window can be changed to next color using a Left Mouse Click on the Dead Pixel Checker Window and you can exit the software by pressing any key on keyboard.

Free Linux Dead Pixel Checker

Free Linux Dead Pixel Checker for 64 Bit Version of Linux

Download Free Dead Pixel Checker on your Linux 64 bit Computer and find dead pixels. This Free Software is distributed as a .zip file containing the Linux Application File, Launcher Application and a Readme.txt file specifying how to launch the Dead Pixel Checker on your 64 Bit Linux. In case your Display Device such as LCD Monitor, LED Monitor or other Electronic Display Device running any Linux Distro has multiple dead pixel, you might be eligible for a replacement.

In case you do have an Android Mobile or Tablet on which you would like to check for dead pixels, you can download the Free Android Dead Pixel Checker to check your screen for Dead Pixels. We have also launched free version of Windows Dead Pixel Checker Utility which does similar job of helping you to find dead pixels on your display device. All these applications basically display Red, Green and Blue Colored Full Screen Window which can be used to visually compare and review multiple display devices such as LCD Monitors / LED Monitors, etc.