Keyboard Checker Freeware Application for Windows

A Freeware Software Utility which can be used to check how many and which keys your keyboard can press is presented here. The Keyboard Checker Software Utility presented here can be a handy tool to determine which keyboard keys you can press simultaneously. Pressing Multiple Keys at the same time is many times required when playing online or offline games. The given below screenshot displays the Keyboard Checker Software Utility running on a Windows 7, 64 bit Computer with multiple keys pressed. The Keyboard Checker tries to find out the corresponding display letter for every key pressed on keyboard and displays internal key code on it’s main window. The Keyboard Checker can detect Multiple Keyboard Keys pressed even when it does not have focus. Just launch Keyboard Checker and press Multiple Keyboard Keys to determine how many Multiple Keys can be pressed on your Windows Computer.

Keyboard Checker for Windows

Freeware Keyboard Checker Utility Windows

There are multiple things to note about this Keyboard Checker Utility. As displayed in the above screenshot, there were 4 keys pressed simultaneously when the screenshot was captured. This Keyboard Checker only displays only those keyboard keys which are pressed. As and when the Keys on Keyboard are released, the Keyboard Checker removes the Key Name from it’s window. On a test computer, the speaker connected to the Windows 7 computers started to sound warning alert when more keys were pressed simultaneously.

OnScreen Keyboard of Windows 7

OnScreen Keyboard of Windows 7

This Keyboard Checker can be really helpful to find out which multiple keys you can press on your Keyboard. Download this Freeware Application on your Windows Computer and whenever you want to determine which multiple keys you can press on your keyboard, this Keyboard Checker can help you determine the order of keys to be pressed and number of keys which you can press at any given time. The Keyboard Checker can even sniff keyboard keys pressed from any type on On Screen Keyboard Software Application as is available in Windows 7, Windows 8, etc. Yes you can even check your keyboard on a computer running Windows 8, Windows Vista or even Windows XP apart from Windows 7 Computers.